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The Biden Administration is developing new rules and regulations for the way airlines handle extra, a la carte fees such as checked bag fees and seat assignment fees, and is due to release the first of “many” changes in the coming days according to an administration insider.

The new rules will require faster refunds and upfront disclosure of the fees available or that may be incurred. The US Department of Transportation says the plans would “protect airline passengers” and aim to promote fair competition within the industry.

The first proposal, due to be released in a few days, would require airlines to refund extra fees in more circumstances than under the current requirements. They cite two examples: airlines will be required to refund fees for checked bags that arrive late, more than 12 hours delayed for a domestic flight, and 25 hours delayed for an international flight. Currently, refunds are only issued if the bag is totally lost, there’s no refund due for late or ‘delayed’ baggage.

That same proposal would also require the swift refund of optional fees if the service — such as choosing a seat and using Wi-Fi internet — does not work or the passenger chooses not to use it. The current federal rule requiring this type of refund is limited to instances where the airline does not allow the passenger to board the aircraft, therefore not permitting them to use the services paid for.



Bobby Laurie
Bobby Laurie
His background in the travel industry dates back to November 2005 when he was initially hired as a flight attendant. After initially flying for six months for US Airways (now American Airlines) Laurie had started his move up the corporate ladder and held various positions within the industry before ultimately landing as an Analyst specializing in InFlight Policies & Procedures. Read More






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