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How to Make Frequent Business Travel Easier

Some people love traveling. For those people, having a position that requires you to travel frequently can be amazing. Even those who love traveling may find that being required to do so regularly can be a little tough from time to time though. So what can you do to make the experience of regular business travel a bit easier?

Keep Track of Business Expenses

One of the realities of traveling is that it costs money, no matter what your purpose is. For those traveling for business purposes, expenses like food, flights, transportation, and accommodations can add up quickly. Of course, business travel may allow you the opportunity to take advantage of the chance to do some sightseeing and adventuring, which also costs money. These types of expenses, however, are unlikely to be considered business expenses and probably won’t be reimbursed by the company unless they’re done as a part of the planned itinerary for your business trip (in which case, lucky you). If reimbursement is a part of the plan for your travels, make sure you keep careful records of what you spend money on and whether it’s for business or personal pleasure. You’ll need to account for what you spend when you get back.

Get a Business Travel Card

All those expenses can be tough to put on your own card. Getting a business travel card can be a better alternative for handling business expenses. Business travel cards are designed with businesses in mind and the traveling they do. They allow you to rack up miles or points that can be put towards future travels, which can be great if you’re going to be traveling frequently. As a bonus, this gives you an easier way to separate your personal purchases from your business expenses since you’ll be able to use the business travel card for the latter and your own card for the former. Take a close look at the terms and conditions for the card before you decide to get it though. Business travel cards can come with some awesome perks, but they may be offset by higher fees. As such, not every card is suitable for every business.

Join Frequent Flyer Programs

If you do most of your traveling via airplane, you might want to take a look at frequent flyer programs. Different airlines will have different programs that they use to encourage passengers to continue to book flights with them to increase customer loyalty. When you join a frequent flyer program, flights that you book with that airline earn you miles and rewards that can be of benefit during future travels. Some programs may allow you to earn miles by doing things other than flying. You’ll need to look into each program to see which one will provide the most benefit. Of course, there are pros and cons to different airlines, so you may want to try flying on different ones before deciding which program you want to join.

Leave Your Business in Good Hands

If you’re the owner, manager, or leader of a business, your absence may leave something of a hole that needs filling. It won’t do much good to travel for building and strengthening your business if it falls apart when you leave. To prevent that, make sure that you’re leaving it in good hands while you’re away. Employees should be trained to handle the tasks you normally do while you’re away. The specifics as to who is best suited to do so will vary from business to business, so you’ll need to determine that before you go and make sure they’re ready to handle the additional responsibility. Depending on the needs of your business it may be appropriate to look for outside help for some things. For example, outsourcing can help protect your business from IT threats while you’re away.

Be Disciplined In Your Sleep Schedule

Despite what hustle culture may try to tell you, sleep is crucial to your health and wellbeing. Getting the right amount of sleep helps you stay in good shape physically, mentally, and emotionally, all of which are critical to the success of a business and any business you do while traveling. Having a regular sleep schedule can be highly beneficial, though it can be tough for those who find themselves traveling frequently. If you happen to be fortunate enough to be traveling within your home timezone, staying on a regular sleep schedule might not be so difficult. If you’re crossing time zones, though, the jet lag may be a bit tougher to deal with than you find comfortable. Time zone travel can be tough on sleep, but there are things you can do to make it easier on yourself before you leave, during your flight, and after you land. Make a plan and stick to it so that you’ll be in good form when you need to be.

Stay Physically Active

Traveling can easily get in the way of being physically active. It’s still important to do it anyway though. Physical activity helps you stay healthy and fit. Remember that when you feel good physically it is a lot easier to be on top of your game mentally too, which is important when you’re traveling for business. It can also help you sleep better, which can help you be more disciplined about your sleep schedule. See if the hotel you’re staying in has a gym. Otherwise, find exercises you can do in your room. There are plenty of good exercises for small spaces you can try. A calisthenics routine or yoga practice could be a good option.


Traveling can be great, especially if it’s partially or entirely paid for by the company. Doing it all the time can take its toll though, especially if you don’t take steps to make it easier on yourself. And why wouldn’t you? If there’s a better way to do something, then you owe it to yourself to make improvements so it can be as good as possible.


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